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Love Blossomed In The Desert, The story of Darren & Jen

Love Blossomed In The Desert, The story of Darren & Jen

Deployed to Iraq,  Jennifer Gomez and Darren Moore went unselfishly to serve their country.   She as a quick reaction medic and he as a vehicle commander.    Foreign soil and fatigues quickly became a way of life.  Yet, amongst the many missions and the daily duties of military life, Darren’s head began to be turned as he set his sights on the beautiful medic from California.

Romance in the desert is never a girls first desire especially if all you have to wear is mostly the color brown.   Yet between trips back and forth to the gym and dining with each other in the “chow hall” they began their dating relationship.  True, it may have been on foreign soil, but they quickly realized it felt like home in each others company.  They talked about spending their lives together, after their return home.

After that tour, Jen moved back to her home in California while Darren was redeployed to Iraq.  Then Jen was deployed once again, this time to Afghanistan. Through that time apart, God began to work in both their hearts and lives, maturing them both, and drawing them closer to Himself…They both got a taste of the author of love and wanted to pour that love out on each other.

Finally they were both home in the states, and wasting no time, Jen decided to make the move to Washington to be close to the man who had captured her heart just four and a half years earlier.  He had told her back in Iraq that he wanted to spend his life with her, now that they were home…Life was now!

On January 5th, 2013 with close friends and family watching, the two came together in an intimate ceremony at Laural Creek Manor in Sumner, Washington.  No fatigues or the color brown…  this time beautiful wedding clothes and the lush Washington greenery to surround them.   Standing before the Laural Creek family hearth,  Jen wore a stunning strapless Maggie Sottero gown beaming with the same radiance Darren had seen from the beginning. Exchanging rings, they promised to love, honor and cherish as they knit their hearts together and then danced the night away in celebration as Mr.and Mrs. Moore.

Jen and Darren, I am so honored to have been entrusted with capturing the day you have anticipated for so long.  This was one of the sweetest ceremonies I have seen and the truest form of celebration from your sweet family and friends.    Author Nicole Krauss wrote in The History of Love  “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”  May you have a lifetime filled with happiness, laughter and all your questions finally answered!

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