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Gatsby Inspired Wedding Shoot

I am so excited to show you today’s blog. Lately all the talk in Hollywood (and Pinterest) has been about the remake of the movie The Great Gatsby. I knew this was going to be a box office hit, after all it had Leonardo DiCaprio in it! Need I say more? So, in honor of all things grand and cinematic, I got together with some of Sacramento’s leading wedding industry vendors and together we collaborated on our own “Gatsby” inspired shoot. We had so much fun and everyone really put their all into it.

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby,

All thing old are new again. Especially in the Wedding industry…Enjoy!

A huge heartfelt Thank You to the following vendors who did an amazing job!
Event Planner: Alluring Events and Design
Floral Designer: Visual Impact Design
Invitation Designer: Invitations Ink
Dress Store: Enchanted Bridal Shoppe
Decor: Dogwood Pary Rentals
Cake Designer: Sweetcakes By RebeccaSJ’s Disc Jockey
Linens and Coverings: Mimi & Co Couture Linens & Chair Covers
Equipment Rentals: America’s Party Rental
Makeup Artist: I Make Beautiful
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Tuxedo Den
Event Venue: The Vizcaya Pavillion & Mansion

The Badges of Motherhood

“Wear your stretchmarks with pride. For those are the Badges of Motherhood, and for that I will always be greatful and view them as beautiful. You have given me three remarkable gifts!” – Charles Wilhelms

Happy Mother’s Day ladies! Your work here on earth is priceless and unmatched for you have been stretched both in body and in spirit!


Sabrina & Franco| Northern California Wedding | Importance of First look

In Honor of Sabrina and Franco’s Rustic- Vintage Wedding being featured on Weddingwire today, I decided to feature some images from their “First Look” and talk about why I think it is important to have a First Look scheduled for your wedding.

For those of that are more traditional, it goes against everything you may have planned for or dreamed about. I can assure you that if you give it some real thought as to why more and more couples are doing this, you’ll soon realize the value in having a First Look for your self.

Most couples don’t realize that upon walking down the isle with out seeing eachother first, how nerve racking it can really be. All eyes are on you both, looking for your reactions. You have a thousand thoughts running through your mind and honestly, as a bride myself, all I could remember thinking was, “Am I walking too fast? Too slow? What if I mess up my vows?” Once I arrived at the alter, my beloved wasn’t able to take the time to look me in the eyes and see how I had readied myself for him. He couldn’t gaze at my dress with all it’s details and tell me how stunning I look in it. He couldn’t gush over me as I wanted him to as we had to start the ceremony.

Most people who have a first look will tell you it is so worth it. You get to spend a few moments together alone, with no crowd of on-lookers, no cell phones in your face and all that time the nerves just seem to fade away. You get to hear, ” You are beautiful! I am so glad I am marrying you today!” and ” I love you, I’ve waited my whole life for you!” You get to gaze, and hug and yes even kiss if you so chose. Then, when it’s time to walk down that isle, you will have a peace and a joy like you never experienced. I promise! Not to mention some amazing images that captured an intimate moment.

If you are getting married, think about having a “First Look” and do yourselves a favor. You will be glad you did and so will your photographer.

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