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A Senior Portrait, MC Hammer Pants & Why you should leave time in your photo-shoot to “play”

Have you ever bought something only to realize a couple days later it wasn’t really you? Remember the MC Hammer pants in the late 80’s? I know, I know, I’m dating myself. I actually bought a pair of those pants. Wore them once, until my brother told me I looked like I had accidentally gone number two in my awesome duds. Said pants ended up in the trash! Money waisted.

Unfortunately many people feel that way about their photos. Everyday, for one reason or another, people hire a professional photographer for the special moments in their life without taking into consideration, “ Does this photographer Fit?” Will I be satisfied, nay, THRILLED with the images they take and will they really capture “Me”?

Fast forward to a photo-shoot I recently did.

First off, I absolutely love it when I get a call from a person who understands that the best part of a photo-shoot is the time we factor in to “play”. When Amanda called to book me for her Senior Photos (a 2 hour session) we began to brain storm about the types of images she was wanting to come away with. What did she want to portray? What’s going on in her life? Who is she becoming? She told me that she wanted images that portrayed both where she is now and how she sees herself in the future. We talked about what that looked like TO HER! We discussed locations, clothing, poses, make up…all the fun things us girlie girls love to discuss. Then at one point I asked her if she was willing to save some time to just “play” and see what we could get spontaneously. Being a young photographer herself, she knew the value in that question and answered with an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!” What we came up with in our playtime are some of my favorite images captured to date. And unlike MC Hammer pants, they are feminine, artistic and filled with a mood that is oh so AMANDA! I have known her for a while now and nick named her, “The Porcelain Queen”, giving rise to her Lilly white skin that never tans in the California sun. On this particular day, Amanda, The Porcelain Queen reigned supreme as she willingly waded through the icy waters of a nearby lake to embody the depth of her deep personality. Take a look for yourself.

My advise for the day: Make sure the photographer you choose is someone whom you feel you can truly trust to take the time out to really capture who “YOU” are. And please, please, please… Save a little time to “play”, you never know just what your going to get!


Rochelle Wilhelms

P.S. Your Identity is not in the things you wear or the make up you put on, but as my mother always says, “Every barn looks better with a fresh coat of paint!”

P.S.S Please don’t buy me MC Hammer pants unless you want to see them tied around someones head as a turban for a photo-shoot!




















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