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Hitch Baby Gender Reveal | Northern California Wedding and Portrait photographer

I spent the best time yesterday photographing on one of the happiest occasions one can capture. Brit and Nick decided to allow everyone to find out the gender of their baby together with them. After having an ultrasound, the technician phoned the baker (Kc Cakes who is awesome) and told them whether to put pink frosting inside or blue. As guests were welcomed in, they were told to pick whether they thought it was a boy or a girl and had to keep their decorated straw to show which team they were on. The anticipation was so thick as we all swapped stories as to why we thought it was a boy or girl. After everyone was assembled, a quick prayer of thanks went up before ever finding out. Life is a gift no matter what type of package it comes in and they wanted everyone to know that. So with the miracle of the Divine in her womb and husband by her side, they cut the cake to reveal to those standing in the moment and even skype-ing in from Nebraska…up came the cake… pink frosting! Screams of joy with running tears erupted and rounds of hugs began to circulate. A Girl! A precious baby girl is being formed and on her way. And what will she find when she gets here? She will find a family filled with love and support who extend the globe with lifelong friendships. She will find and family filled with laughter and honor and a love for their Creator. She will find a gentle dad and a spontaneous mom, and grandparents that can’t wait to love on her little heart. She will find aunts and uncles that gush and friends who are as close a family. This is one lucky girl! And I am so honored to be a part her life and the lives of her family members! Congratulations Nick and Brit and welcome to the hood…Parenthood!

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