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Understated Elegance

I love photographing women! There is something inspirational that happens when I connect with a women through my camera lens.  My time with Kathryn was no exception.  A rare beauty with grace and style that reminds me of a young Lady Dianna just before her wedding day, Kathryn is feminine and elegant. She is not one to put on a show to be seen or praised, she is understated.   Mysterious in her own right, she is alluring and captivating all at once.  She is all things feminine and lovely and yet also carries the amazing strength a woman brings when she knows who she is.  Kathryn embodies it all with grace and more.

Shades of Grey

“Our lives at times seem a study in contrast… love & hate, birth & death, right & wrong… everything seen in absolutes of black & white. Too often we are not aware that it is the shades of grey that add depth & meaning to the starkness of those extremes.”  Ansel Adams

When I first began my pursuit of photography, I fell in love with color and how it plays on our emotions.  We see in color everyday.  Color is everywhere.  To see in black and white, however, with all it’s various shades of grey, allows us to use our imagination and make our own interpretation.  Lately, I have been re-exploring my creative side with black and white portraits.  My goal has been to bring a depth to the subject that only shades of grey can bring.  These portraits are my interpretation of each person using the black and white medium in photography. 

The Girl Next Door!

The Girl Next Door!

Confident, Radiant, Creative and Beautiful… Melody Maes of Denver Colorado is the epitome of the girl next door who grew up to be the amazing beauty.    I’ve known Melody since she was a sassy seven year old who used to put on her mother’s make up and create dresses out of scarves.   Even then she was a beauty in her own right. Today, Melody still takes my breath away as she carries herself with a streetwise confidence and a tender heart.  It was our sincere pleasure to capture her spirit while Michael and I were in Denver.  These photo’s are just a sneak peak as Michael Elm Photography will be hosting the shoot.

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