San Francisco Engagement: Aaron + Stephenie

They met in school many years ago, both were in the Textile & Apparel program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, which in the final year, allows you to do a visiting student program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC. Aaron knew that Stephenie was the one for him some five years… YES, FIVE YEARS before they ever even went out! Wow! That’s some serious persistence!

“He pestered me and wore me down.” Haha. “In truth, in finding him I found myself,” Stephenie admits.

“She was the most beautiful person I had ever met. Her drive to succeed, paired with her creativity, has always made me strive to be a better person. We just fit so well together,” replied Aaron.

And he is right. They do fit so well together. Making their home in New York City, both are still in the fashion industry. She designs shoes and he is a weaver. Together with three dogs, they are designing and weaving a beautiful life together filled with good friends, sweet family, amazing food and curious finds. They are planning a destination wedding this August at Spring Ranch in Mendocino, California surrounded by all the people they love in this world…where family and friends will come together for a multi-day gathering of celebrations. I for one can’t wait!

We had a beautiful day of walking around San Francisco. Starting our session at Mission Delores we lingered in the chapel for wedding inspiration.

Believe it or not, we actually found our selves shooting in the historical cemetery adjacent to the building. Sounds creepy I know but I assure you it was actually the exact opposite.


Stephenie, You are so beautiful, inside and out! I can see why Aaron was persistent and patiently waiting for you!


After Mission Delores, we found our way just a couple blocks over to Clarion Alley. This colorful alleyway was alive with people wandering, musing, hanging out and taking photographs. It was a perfect place for a pop of color for these artists!


Finally, we ended up at one of Aaron and Stephenie’s favorite shops, Paxton Gate.

Here is where the playful side of Aaron came out! He loves to make her smile!2016-01-22_0006.jpg

Surrounded by taxidermed animals, geological items, various plants and jewelry, we shopped and shot our way through the store.


All in all, it was a great engagement session surrounded by art, beauty and a free spirited couple!


One last kiss, and we ended the day… Can’t wait to celebrate with them in May!

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