Repairing the Nets- Italy Day One

“Everything yields to diligence.” Antiphanes

Finally, after 19 hours of travel, I arrived in Rome, and found my way to the Hotel Tiber not too far from the Airport. The Hotel sits on the edge where the Tyrrhenian Sea meets the Tiber River. Locking myself in for the night, I was relieved to get some shut eye. After 7 hours of sweet sleep, the Italian sun peeked over the horizon and woke me from my slumber.  I opened my windows to the humid air and stepped outside on my veranda. One lone man sat in the early morning sun on the dock, patiently repairing the nets the men use for fishing. I watched him for a while and was reminded of an old bible story I learned when I was small. (Luke 5)  Jesus asked Simon to let down the nets after the men had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. Thinking he was crazy, they still went ahead and let down their nets and caught so much fish that the boats began to sink. Oh the abundance of God and how he wants to bless us! Oh how we miss the abundance if we have holes in our nets! I felt a little sting inside me for a moment and wondered, “Do I have holes in my nets that need repairing?” I knew in my gut the answer was yes! It’s always yes isn’t it? We are so ingrained in our own thinking that we never stop to think if we need a paradigm shift. So I stopped and prayed a simple but honest prayer… “Show me the holes that I need to repair.” That was it. Short, sweet,  and to the point. No lightning bolt from the sky or mind blowing revelation came (at that time) just a quiet knowing that I was to see that man and study the patience of his repairing.  Repairing takes time. When I left my hotel at 10:00 am to meet the other photographers for my Italian adventure, the man was still out  in the Italian heat and sun, mending and mending and mending. Ahhh… Diligence!  What a wonderful gift to see that man that morning, and  I wondered what else Italy might have in store for me…



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  1. Elyse says:


  2. bridget says:

    This is so great what you are doing. Excellent work, so it seems to be to me. I so hope this is fulfilling to you in all the ways you have sought through the years. I think of you, as I do like Ben. You both have big dreams and have fought the good fight beginning to achieve those dreams felt for so long. May God bless you with continued success and joy.

    We were in Rome last year and walked along the Tiber, and all the historical places around there. We love traveling and seeing a different part of the world. It is so fun to participate in other cultures and people. May your travels be many.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Dawn Davis says:

    Definitely……….. it’s always “yes”. Wonderful blog post Rochelle!!! You’ve got me wanting for more! xoxox ~ Dawn

  4. LOOOOOVE!!!!!!!

    You’re amazing! Can I beg,borrow or steal to get you to do a photo shoot for my branding?

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